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        Address : 50 Raffles Place Land
        Tower Singapore
        Call Us : +65 31591871
        Mail Us : [email protected]
        Office Time : Monday to Sunday
        08:00 - 20:00

        The Singapore Bearing Industrial services portfolio offers bearing and machinery parts rebuild and repair services that can return components or entire systems to like-new specifications. Large inventory of TIMKEN SKF NTN KOYO NSK THK FAG bearing. Distributer to thailand Malaysia Philippines Kuwait Indonesia Turkey UAE Dubai. We overhaul bearings throughout our customers’ drive train, including bearing housing, electric motors bearing and generators, gear drives, bearings, pump and central panels, as well as provide up tower wind turbine bearings and bearings units repair.


















        Our Solutions

        To be a reliable partner to manufacturers who need to use our bearings.
        Improve the skills of your teams with our training to bearings.

        Agricultural Bearings

        Our bearings for the agricultural industry provide the highest level of performance.

        Medical Equipment Bearings

        Offers you specific bearings in time for each stage of operation.

        Machine Tool Bearings

        The HIGH PRECISION range meets all the needs of your machine tools.

        Mechanical Engineering Bearings

        Our bearings work for you to guarantee the performance of your equipment.

        Petroleum and Gas Bearings

        Whether original equipment or spare parts, increase the performance of your bearings.

        Power and Energy Bearings

        Our Bearings ensuring optimal performance of rotating power equipment.

        Who We Are

        At Singapore Bearing Industrial, We have one single goal in mind: To make you a satisfied customer. That single focus, driven from every aspect of the company's operation, is the key to our ongoing success. If you're a satisfied bearing customer, you'll come back to us when you have additional bearings needs in the future, and you'll tell your friends about us. Then if we can make them satisfied customers, the cycle continues.

        +65 31591338


        “ Industries is certified ISO 9001:2008 to ensure the quality of all its products and services “

        Our Team

        Benefit from the technical team support of our bearing engineers: guarantee the service life of the bearings by supporting you in the assembly, disassembly and lubrication

        John Harris

        CEO & Founder

        Patrick Connor

        Mechanical engineer

        Natalie Williams

        Project manager

        Mark Thornton

        Electrical engineer

        Jennifer Healy

        Automation engineer

        Marie Collins

        Industrial designer

        No matter what type of Bearings project you have, we can help.
        Submit your inquiry now!

        Clients Testimonials

        We help customer’s companies create and improve industry bearings and services through long lasting and mutually rewarding relationships.

        Request a Call Back

        For Business: For Bearing inquiry fill our short feedback form or you can also send us an email and we’ll get in touch shortly, or Troll Free Number – (+65) 31591338.

        Note: Your details are kept strictly confidential as per our Company Privacy Policy.

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