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        Address : 50 Raffles Place Land
        Tower Singapore
        Call Us : +65 31591871
        Mail Us : [email protected]
        Office Time : Monday to Sunday
        08:00 - 20:00

        Market list

        List of products by industrial field

        NTN is a global leader in bearings critical to rotational sections of many machines and the technology involved. With its high quality bearings, NTN supports a wide range of industries from everyday electrical appliance in the home to automobiles, railways, wind turbines, airplanes and rockets. Furthermore, NTN utilizes its high technical capability to provide products including precision equipment and systems.

        Photo: Automobiles and motorcycles

        Automobiles and motorcycles

        Over 100 bearings are used on a single automobile. In addition to hub bearings, NTN boasts a prominent global share in constant velocity joints (CVJ) and similar products that convey motive power from the engine.

        Photo: Electric vehicles

        Electric vehicles

        Electric vehicles (EV) are expected to contribute towards environmental preservation and effective use of resources. NTN has commercialized bearings dedicated for EV motors and has also been developing many EV system products starting with the In-Wheel Motor System.

        Photo: Rolling stock

        Rolling stock

        Bearings for railway journals that require a high reliability. NTN’s bearings are used on high speed railways in every country of the world and maintain safety for trains travelling in excess of 300 km per hour.

        Photo: Wind turbines

        Wind turbines

        The demand for wind turbines is increasing as a means of renewable energy. NTN not only provides extremely large size bearings larger than 2 meters in diameter but also proposes the total package up to systems that achieve safe machine operation.

        Photo: Construction and mining machinery

        Construction and mining machinery

        Construction and mining machinery that operates in a harsh environment. NTN bearings have a high performance and reliability as well as contribute towards safe and reliable work performance.

        Photo: Agricultural machinery

        Agricultural machinery

        Agricultural machinery used under harsh conditions starting with a muddy water environment. NTN provides bearings that have a long lifespan, are highly reliable and are economical.

        Photo: Machine tools

        Machine tools

        Bearings for NTN machine tools that support precision processing on a sub-micron level and ultra-high speed rotation. Our advanced design and material technology has made it possible to withstand centrifugal forces and frictional heat.

        Photo: Office machinery

        Office machinery

        Bearings used for rotational sections on office machinery including printers and photocopiers. In addition to ball bearings with superior heat resistance, NTN provides clutch products and plastic sliding bearings with superior friction and wear properties.

        Photo: Steel manufacturing machinery

        Steel manufacturing machinery

        Bearings for steel manufacturing machinery that must be water resistant at a high load and high temperature. NTN supports steel plants that operate 24 hours a day non-stop with its high durability bearings.

        Photo: Paper manufacturing machinery

        Paper manufacturing machinery

        Bearings for paper manufacturing machinery that desire a high-mix high-variety in a series of operation stages to support an increase in speed and heat resistance, etc. NTN meets these needs and contributes towards improved operating rates and reductions in maintenance costs for equipment by increasing their lifespan.

        Photo: Food machinery

        Food machinery

        Food manufacturing lines that require a clean, safe and secure environment. Starting with bearings that do not use oil or grease, NTN provides plastic bearings, slide screws and parts feeders, etc.

        Photo: Medical equipment

        Medical equipment

        NTN provides high quality bearings from small bearings for dentistry that rotate in excess of several hundred thousand times per minute to bearings for high precision CT scanners that have an extremely large shape exceeding 1 meter. Furthermore, we possess technology for magnetic bearings used with auxiliary artificial heart pumps.

        Photo: Aerospace


        Bearings for rocket turbo pumps and jet engines on airplanes that require an extremely high level of technology. NTN performs special processes that have acquired customer certification and also performs thorough quality control including ultra-precision machining in a constant temperature and clean environment.

        Photo: Precision equipment

        Precision equipment

        Starting with bearings for precision equipment, NTN also provides precision equipment for such as linear modules and parts feeders manufactured using technology accumulated from the development of bearings.

        Photo: Robots


        Robots that require accurate and stable operation. NTN provides bearings for robots that fulfill high precision tasks and have both a high rigidity and are used in high pressure.

        Photo: Electrical machinery

        Electrical machinery

        Superior durability and stability at low torque are required for bearings used on power generators and motors, etc. NTN proposes bearings that include the development and proposal of lubricants (grease).

        Photo: Vacuum and clean

        Vacuum and clean

        NTN provides bearings that can even be used in a vacuum due to surface processing technology and special lubricants. Vacuum bearings from NTN achieve stable rotation even in ultra-high vacuums at 10-10 Pa.

        Photo: Gearboxes


        Gearboxes used in various applications for industrial machinery. NTN selects the bearing after matching every requirement, such as improved performance and miniaturization of gearboxes.

        Photo: Green Energy Products

        Green Energy Products

        NTN’s compact wind turbines and micro turbines are eco-friendly products that utilize proprietary blade technology to achieve exceptional energy and power generation efficiency. NTN’s compact, high-efficiency green energy products promote the use of renewable energy sources and contribute to development of a low carbon society.